Awareness and visual suppression in occipital and parietal cortex investigated by TMS and optical imaging

Gregor Thut
    Neural correlates of awareness investigated with EEG

Antoni Valero-Cabré
TMS-EEG studies on awareness and space represenation in healthy participants and neglect patients

Lorenzo Pia and the SAMBA research group
    Intentional binding, visual awareness and optical illusions

    Neural correlates of the Landmark Task: a TMS-EEG coregistration study

@ University of Verona
Carlo A. Marzi (PI), Caterina A. Pedersini, Javier Sanchez-Lopez, Giorgia Parisi, Nicolò Cardobi
    Rehabilitation of homonymous visual field defect
    Visual awareness and blindsight

    Electrophysiological investigation of the role of the CC in the transmission of interhemispheric visual information

    Behavioural and fMRI investigation of visual mental imagery in healthy subjects and hemianopic patients